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Experience the sounds and songs of the humpback whale in-person in Culebra, Puerto Rico, online, or buy the albums.

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Boat Tour Experiences

Until the humpback whales return to Culebra, Puerto Rico in January, let's go sailing and snorkeling!

All tours are scheduled for either 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM

Whale Listening

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: $75 per person


Duration: 3 Hours

Price: $75 per person

Paul Knapp Jr.

Whale Listening Guide

Meet Your Guide

Paul has recorded live whale singing with an underwater microphone (hydrophone) and an inflatable boat for over thirty years.

He’s traveled all around the Caribbean to the British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, and finally, Culebra, Puerto Rico to listen to the humpback whales.

Check out the recordings, purchase an audio CD, or experience it yourself by booking a tour with Paul on your visit to Culebra!

“The Man Who Wants the World to Hear Whale Songs” - Outside

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Duration: 3 Hours

Price: $100+ per person

Contact Paul to book your tour

Text or call: +1-863-241-3732


Listen to the sounds of a humpback whale

One Humpback Whale" - Rapture of the Deep Album

Recorded on Feb. 14, 1992

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