A very special event of the North Atlantic Ocean will soon happen again, as thousands of humpback whales swim from their Northern feeding grounds to the Caribbean.


  All summer they’ve been working at eating and gaining weight, which is their equivalent of putting money in the bank. Now many will spend it during their singing, breeding, calving season; in the tropical waters they’ll eat little to nothing, using their reserve weight they worked so hard for.


    Looking forward to their southerly arrival are increasing numbers of whale watchers - and whale listeners. From the Turks and Caicos Islands, to  Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico,  the Virgin Islands, etc.


   Much of the beauty of their arrival back into the Caribbean is not seeable; but it’s hearable. Dive shop operators will soon alert customers of what they might hear. Snorkelers in certain areas, down 5-10 feet can often hear best; and listening with a hydrophone from the comfort of a boat is also on the rise. 


   Humpbacks are audible underwater for about 10 miles, so  there’s often a good chance to hear them; it’s a great event when many Caribbean waters are filled again with beautiful whale singing.